Monday, October 8, 2007


Emil Mijares, the grandfather of Philippine Jazz, is now under hospice care in Buena Park, California, a statement from JazzPhil USA said.

Mijares suffered a severe stroke in early September.

"He was getting better for a while," the statement added, "however, Emil suffered another stroke after a couple of weeks. The doctors say he has a few days left to live."

The jazz legend had played alongside Nat King Cole, Teddy Edwards, Hannibal Marvin Peterson as well as with other Filipino jazz greats Bobby Enriquez, Romy Katindig, Lito Molina among many others.

Mijares' friends and colleagues are asking for prayers and positive thoughts for him and his family.
To hear a sampling of his talent, here's a link.

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Anonymous said...

I went to his funnal today. It was very nice, like going to a jazz concert. God bless