Monday, October 8, 2007


I recently received these unexpected, heartwarming e-mails. To all FilipinOnline supporters, many, many thanks!


Dear Yong,
I find it hard to find the words to describe my feelings. But I need to tell you are a wonderful and blessed person...You are a major reason that Meraly is getting the attention she needs.
I thank you with all my heart talaga. God Bless.

Your Kaibigan Palagi,
Jude Tiner

Here's a link to Meraly's story.


I want to thank you for a splendidly written article...I was visiting my family on the East Coast (for the first tine since the relapse!) when the first calls and copies about the article came in. We were all impressed by your writing. You did a wonderful job lacing everything together and ending on an inspiring, positive note. I loved reading it.

We also received calls about the video news segment on TFC. I have not seen the video but I heard you did a good job there as well! I just know that the airing of the video moved more people to sign up on the registry!

Thank you so much for coming to the Prom and continuing to make the Filipino Community aware of the need for bone marrow donors. I can shout and plead endlessly for the marrow cause but my words may only reach a few thousand people. When you speak through your media talent, the message reaches millions. Your influence is indescribable. Know that your work inspires others and truly makes a difference in this world. The community needs more people like you.

With much regard and respect,
Christine Pechera

Here's a link to Christine's story.


And finally, from fellow blogger Jason of InterOpNurse:

"I just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful site. I love every aspect of your site and what you are trying to achieve."
Check out his wonderful website, it is chock-full of information: InterOpNurse

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