Sunday, October 21, 2007


Dr. Noel Chua, a Filipino doctor from Georgia, received a sentence of life in prison after a jury returned a unanimous guilty verdict on felony murder charges in the overdose death of Jamie Carter, reports Florida-Times Union.

He was also sentenced five years in prison after he was found guilty of seven of 16 drug charges for violating the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.

Chua, 45, has been held in jail since September 2006 when he was arrested and charged with the drug overdose death of Jamie Carter III. Prosecutors say Carter, 20, died from drugs Chua prescribed for no legitimate medical purpose.
Chua told police that Carter was a former patient who was working for him and living in his home while attending college. Investigation reports said police found numerous medications while searching the home, including a hypodermic syringe that contained an unknown clear substance and an unidentified white powder in a clear plastic bag.
Several groups and opinion columns have come out in defense of the doctor from Georgia but in the end, they were not enough to help him.

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