Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Burning Desire To Help

Nurse Juliet Danggoec was born in Baguio, lives in Yorba Linda, works in Arrowhead Regional Medical Center, and is a shining example of a good Filipino.

I found her, all-smiles and in full-nursing-mode, at the Red Cross medical tent on the day I visited the National Orange Show evacuation center as she was tending to a nauseous evacuee. It was a Sunday, her day off from work, but as she explains below, the best way to spend one's day of rest is to make sure that others who need it more can. -Yong B. Chavez,

"When Katrina happened, I wanted to go and volunteer there, too, but I wasn't able to. As soon as I heard about the fires I know that I would want to help so here I am. Instead of going to church today, I am here.

Yesterday, there was a long line of patients. Most have breathing difficulties, gastric ulcer, diarrhea. The area was packed. But today, most of the evacuees have left the center. I think most were told that they could go home already.

I didn't see any Filipinos in the center. Siguro kasi they have families, friends or relatives to stay with.

The volunteers came from different places and different hospitals. But we're all here to do whatever we can to help those who need it."

-Juliet Danggoec, Volunteer Nurse

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