Monday, March 5, 2007



Maverick Pinoy filmmaker Patricio Ginelsa has premiered a new short film.

The blurb for THE ONES AND THE TWOS reads:
"Young Eli just wants to "get down" and "cut it up" on the "ones and twos". In this town, mobile DJ crews compete for gigs and status. Can Eli stand out and convince his DJ group to believe in him?"

The short film's music rocks and the visuals are stunning. Go see it here.

Ginelsa first gained notice through "Lumpia", a fun movie he started in high school and released in 2004. It featured a lumpia-wielding, Barong Tagalog-wearing Fil-Am hero.

The indie helmer famously wrote and directed two of's Black Eyed Peas videos, "The Apl Song" and "Bebot".

To know more about Ginelsa, here's a feature I wrote about him in 2005.

Photo credit: J.J. Casas

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