Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Be Safe When Fueling

Unlike sa Pilipinas where you can drive all your life without ever learning how to fill your own gas tank, dito sa America (at sa ibang bansa) walang gas attendants who will do it for you.

While I'm all for self-reliance, I am not a big fan of the static electricity that has - aside from the scary price jumps - literally given me jolts from time to time at the pumps.

Well, here are some safety tips for all of us to remember kapag nag-ga-gas tayo:

From a sticker posted at a Union 76 gas station:
Be Safe When Fueling:
- Before fueling, discharge any static electricity build up by touching your bare hand to a metal surface away from a nozzle.
- Do not re-enter your vehicle while gas is pumping. Re-entering could cause static electricity build up.

Here are additional safety tips from the U.S. Environmental Agency:
When you stop to re-fuel your automobile (or gasoline container):
- Turn off your engine.
- Do not smoke or light matches or lighters.
- Stand upwind of the nozzle while refueling and try to not breath the fumes.
- Do not top off your tank. Even little drips that fall onto the pavement can contaminate soil, groundwater, or surface water.
- Do not leave your vehicle unattended while the pump is running.

On the flip side, here's a link to a website that exposes e-mail hoaxes. One of them deals with the rumor about explosions or fires caused at gas stations by people using cell phones. It says those stories are NOT TRUE.

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