Saturday, March 3, 2007


American Idol's A.J. Tabaldo was robbed!

That's what several articles about his premature American Idol departure say.

The 22-year-old Santa Maria, Calif. native was voted off despite getting great feedback on his performances. This talented and determined Pinoy auditioned for Idol five times before finally and deservedly getting the spotlight this year.

He seemed to have a better chance of advancing to the finals than last year's Pinoy finalist, Sway Penala, who was doomed by Simon Cowell's "looking like a pimp" comment during the semifinals.

A.J. could have duplicated Jasmine Trias' success in the contest. Unfortunately, not enough voters called in to support him.

His surprise elimination was slammed by entertainment critics.

Per USA Today: A.J. was "eliminated in favor of vastly inferior singers."

Per the
New York Times: A.J. "gave a rousing rendition of Nina Simone's ''Feeling Good.'' Paula Abdul couldn't hide her disappointment."

Entertainment Weekly, "the first real shock of American Idol season 6 happened last night, when A.J. Tabaldo got voted off instead of Sanjaya Malakar."

So what did A.J. say about his elimination?
"...I'm glad I went out on a good note as opposed to going out on a week the judges said I was horrible," A.J. said to EW.

Aw, he's so sweet. And really talented, too. I wish we People Powered this guy's AI chances.

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