Tuesday, February 20, 2007

SingleFilipinOnline - LILIAN T.

Lilian T. from Seattle, Washington

LT, as friends call her, is a hardworking senior accountant who loves the outdoors.

"I love nature," she says. On weekends, this 38-year-old cheerful gal sheds her dainty office pumps in favor of hiking boots - she loves camping with friends.

Describe yourself: "I'm petite, simple, outgoing, loves life and nature."

Hobbies: Reading books, watching TV and movies, walking in the park, hiking/camping

Guy Turn-offs: Smokers, cocky/attention getters

Fave Superhero: "Gosh, I can't think who and why right now. Maybe Superman. Kasi cute s'ya - joke lang."

Must-Haves: Hair dryer/flat iron, cell phone and my car.

If I Am Not An Accountant, I Would Be _____ : "A lawyer or a social worker. I'd like to help people especially those who are being persecuted and treated unfairly."

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