Monday, February 16, 2009


For those asking for updates on this story, I've already contacted LBPD and as soon as I get the response, I will post it.

I've received a lot of Anonymous comments about this story that I haven't posted - some of them I can't post entirely because there are a lot of unverifiable contents. I request that if you have information about this case that you want to be included or be considered for inclusion in future posts about it, please send me an email at ybchavez [at] instead of posting under Anonymous so that I can correspond with you and verify the info.

Also: Bear in mind that I can't post any comment that mentions too personal information about the persons involved in this case (i.e. SS numbers, etc.).



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Anonymous said...

hi ms. yong chavez, i m one of the victim of this travel place agency in long beach. i'm filling aclaim right now, i just wanna know their address before co'z i dont know the specific address, i need to put their address on my claim form,thanks.