Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I recently interviewed a group of Pinay friends from Long Beach who lost more than $22,000 to alleged con artists. Being generous and trustful of kababayans, they realized that sometimes, no good deed goes unpunished: After opening up their homes and hearts to a couple who asked for their help, they ran off with their money. The case is now being investigated by the Long Beach police department.

The story came out on Balitang America last week but I plan to post an article later this week about it with more details and additional information on what to do to avoid - and how to deal with - scams.

Meanwhile, here's a release from the Philippine Consulate advising people against Internet and text messaging scams. Read and beware!


Los Angeles, 12 February 2009 - The Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles cautions the public to beware of internet fraud schemes and text scams, especially those purported to be involving cash inheritances from persons unrelated to email recipients.

One such modus operandi specifically involves the supposed multi-million dollar inheritance from a certain Engr. Jurgen Krugger being offered to email recipients and allegedly being managed by one of the following:

. Barrister David Smith, Esq. of David Smith and Associates with email address at davidsmith.esqunit@live.com;

. Barrister Jerry Morgan, Esq., of Jerry Morgan and Associates, with email address at jerry-morganesq@hotmail.com, Tel. No. +44 704 570 8111, and mailing address at 33 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4JH, England; or

. Mr. James Peters of the Royal Courts of Justice Probate Registry Department in London, with email address at royalcourtsofjustice_probatedept@live.co.uk. and Tel. No. +44 703 192 8723.

The said contact numbers are either numbers of dubious legitimacy or not recognized numbers. The email addresses concerned also tend to vary in some email messages.

Various internet websites dedicated to alerting the public to internet fraud, such as the Anti-Fraud International, have issued a warning to internet users not to answer email messages from David Smith and Associates.

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