Sunday, October 19, 2008

Economic Crisis Survival Tip #3

If you're stressed about money these days, you don't need the added aggravation by getting scammed.

So, if you see one of those TV ads promising to GET YOU OUT OF DEBT NOW! - please change the channel. Better yet, turn off the TV to save on power costs. Yes there are legitimate, for-profit credit counseling companies but before you send them anything, thoroughly research their company first. There are scammers, vultures, really, who are capitalizing on the fact that many are having money problems now, and they promise things too-good-to-be-true. Remember, they are not magicians who can just wave off your debts. What's absolutely true? Legit or not, they will get your hard-earned money.

Non-profit organizations are giving help for free. Here are some legitimate and FREE credit counseling organizations:

1. The Homeownership Preservation Foundation
Call 1-888-995-HOPE (4673) and receive free counseling when you're facing foreclosure.
Seventy percent of those they've assisted retained their, according to a report.
They will also connect you with free services if you have other financial issues, such as credit card debt.

SCORE, a nonprofit association working in partnership with the Small Business Administration, offers financial counseling to small businesses.

Avvo is an organization of lawyers (all screened and profiled on the site) who answer legal questions online for free. They specialize in helping regular people like you and me. You can post a question about foreclosure, credit or bankruptcy issues.

Here's the link to some other organizations that you can get free counseling from.

If you have a question or other tips for our kababayans, please let me know.

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