Monday, October 27, 2008

Cash For Your Old Electronics

Here's a good idea for anyone who wants to raise some money - or just wants to clear some closet space and help the environment in the process: You can exchange your unused electronics for store gift cards.

EcoNEW is a green website that allows you to trade-in products for: Laptops , Desktops , MP3 players, LCD monitors , LCD TVs, Game systems, Camcorders, Digital cameras, and Smartphones/PDAs.

Here are the steps, per its website:

1. Click on the participating retailer's website - Sam's Club, Office Depot, or Navy Exchange -
to enter information about your product to get its value.

2. EcoNEW generates a trade-in value on the product and provides a pre-paid shipping label for you to print and send the product to our ISO 14001 certified partners. Upon receipt, the product is audited and a branded gift card is mailed to you for the trade-in value of the product. Some products have no trade-in value, but you can still send the product back for proper recycling.

3. The returned product may be resold in whole form or broken down for parts. The remaining product is then safely recycled. Other recyclables that you can send are: CRT monitors , printers, fax machines, and small home electronics.

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