Sunday, February 3, 2008

Recycling Matters

Kicking soda-drinking habits may be difficult for some of us but recycling those cans shouldn't be. Before you ditch that can into the garbage pail, think of the money you'll get back for it for its CRV (California Refund Value, typically 5 cents per), and how you can help the environment.

Sa Pilipinas we can just return the softdrinks bottle and get our deposito back sa sari-sari store, dito there are recycling centers where you can return them. If you live in California, just plug in your zip code in this page and it will give you the nearest centers. If you live elsewhere, information can be found here.

Most bottles and cans be recycled. If you have any container from the following list, you're set. To see the complete recyclable list, go to the Bottles and Cans website.

If you want to get paid by container, you have to redeem only 50 or fewer items per visit, then request being paid by count rather than by weight. Otherwise, if you have more than 50 beverage containers, recycling centers are allowed to pay by weight.

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