Monday, January 7, 2008


Discovered via YouTube, bonafide Quezon City boy and singer-extraordinnaire Arnel Pineda skipped gazillion steps in securing a spot desired by many aspiring singers. Last December, he became the new lead singer of Journey.

This juicy piece of good news was first brought to my attention by FilipinOnline reader Jon Dela Cruz, and I even talked about it when I guested on Kababayan LA. Today, I got another e-mail about this talented Pinoy from FO contributor Art Pacho. Thanks, Jon & Art, for the tip!

On its official website, Journey welcomed Arnel with Open Arms.

The group, which achieved its biggest commercial success thus far in the '80s, had another high-profile moment recently when one of its biggest hits, Don't Start Believing, was used in The Sopranos' much-talked about fade-to-black finale.

Here's Arnel singing:

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