Friday, September 21, 2007

"I bought a new computer with free Internet protection. Mag-e-expire na yung protection, should I renew?"

You definitely should renew, or purchase a different one, if you find a better product than the one that came pre-installed in your computer. It's necessary. Your computer will always be vulnerable and prone to computer virus and malicious software attacks if you don't have one.

When I first purchased a home computer (back in the '90s), binalewala ko yung alerts that pop up saying that my Internet protection was expiring na. The result: my computer was attacked by viruses and I never got it to run as smooth as before. Sayang. From then on, I always make sure that I update my Internet protection religiously.

I've been using Norton, but there are so many other products to choose from, you can even download them from the Internet pero for your peace of mind, magtanong-tanong ka in person sa mga computer products salespeople kung ano'ng dapat mong piliin. Ang importante, shop around for the best deals and install one before your current Internet protection expires.

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