Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pinay in Hollywood: LIZA LAPIRA

Watch out for this Filipino-American actress. I have a feeling she's going to have her big Hollywood moment soon.

Liza Lapira is best known for playing one of the leads in the 2008 film 21, and as the duplicitous agent who dared take on Agent Gibbs in NCIS. Her recent work include guest-starring in Joss Whedon's Dollhouse as Ivy, Topher's assistant.

She's one of the stars of a new Fox series, Mixed Signals.

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Marshall said...

She has such a bright future if Hollywood will allow their blonde blinders to be dropped... Yes she is extremely easy on the eyes but she is funny, charming, believable, forceful when needed, direct, can hold her ground with big actors and camera friendly. Also transferrable to several parts and genres.

As a 2nd generation Filipina-American she is opening a huge door for numerous more talented men and ladies of that part of the world..