Saturday, March 29, 2008

Intruder Alert for your E-mail Account

Setting up an intruder alarm for your e-mail account is another way by which you can repel ID thieves.

Here's an article written by PCWorld's Erik Larkin - he talks about how it's done (getting a hacker alarm) para malaman nyo kung may tumitingin na iba sa email account ninyo.

Eto ang sabi sa article:

1.) Open an account with, and use a disposable e-mail address to complete the registration process.
2.) You'll receive an email from OneStat with an attached file. Save the file, note the account number, and then delete the email.
3.) Rename the file with a name that would catch a hacker's eye like "AccountPasswords." Save the .txt file as an .htm file so it opens up in a web browser.
4.) Send an email with the .htm file to the account you want to monitor. Use a subject title that is eye catching.
5.) Wait for the hacker to take the bait. If the attachment is opened by anyone else but you, the hit counter will record their IP address.
6.) Change your password frequently to something that's a little harder to crack.

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