Monday, March 24, 2008

Beware of Scammers Stealing Tax Refunds

If you get a call from someone saying that they are IRS agents and asking all kinds of personal financial information in relation to your tax refunds and rebates, hold the phone.

Better yet, disconnect.

Here's a story about how some scammers are targeting people expecting money back from the government. With tax season in full swing, some criminals are having a busy time, too, stealing money from those who are supposed to receive refunds (and soon, rebates).

Some people have received e-mails that looked like they came from the IRS and other government agencies, complete with believable logos, instructing them to click on a special attached form to provide personal information.

Never, ever, ever click. Tandaan ninyo: The IRS will never ask for bank account or similar information over the phone or Internet.

If you ever get this bogus call or e-mail, go to the IRS Web site and report it.


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