Friday, August 17, 2007


Here's an interesting piece from FilipinOnline contributor and SoCal resident Art Pacho:

I was surfing the net and found
Home Depot owes my wife a refund of over $300 and it is now in the hands of the state so I went to this government website.

Try typing your last name and city, and you might also have some money waiting for you.

When I looked up under Business Name and typed in Filipino American, I came up with a list of 23 unclaimed property. The unclaimed amount totalled $6,697.75 representing 23 organizations in California. The amount ranged from the highest of $2,223.78 to the smallest which was $41.00 (or an average of $291 for all organizations).

These organizations can claim their money by filing the proper form to the Bureau of Unclaimed Property under the California State Controller. If after a time, the property is unclaimed, the state can take ownership. Most of the property was for a dormant checking or saving account in the bank or credit union; payments by vendors; court settlements; or insurance refunds. The Filipino organizations are located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, Alameda, Tracy, Carson, Porterville, Garden Grove, Wilmington, Novato and Oakland. Their treasurer or officer should begin to make a claim before the expiration date.

The names of some organizations are: Filipino American Chamber of Commerce, Filipino American Democratic Club, Filipino American Political Association, Filipino American Senior Citizens, Filipino American Service (Group, Inc), Filipino American Club of Southern California, and Filipino Americans for Good Government. The Filipino American Chamber of Commerce in Carson can claim $2,223,78.

One suggestion for these organizations which have no interest in these unclaimed funds:
How about donating the money to a non profit organization in California? We have Search to Involve Pilipino Americans, Filipino American Service Group, Inc., or Filipino American Library, etc. that need support.

Thanks for the tip, Art. To see the list of Filipino American orgs with unclaimed property, here's the link.

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