Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Driving Laws Hoax E-mail Edition

I'm sure some of you have already received or heard of an e-mail about "New California Driving Laws effective 7/01/07". Feel free to not believe that. It is a hoax.

Here's a reality check from Triple A:

FALSE: It's a $1,068.50 fine for first-time carpool-lane violation.
TRUE: It's actually about $380.

FALSE: DUI=Jail, and it stays in your record for 10 years.
TRUE: Getting a DUI doesn't necessarily mean you'll do time, but the offense DO stay in your record for 10 years - a fact since 2005.

FALSE: Speeders can only drive 3 miles above the limit.
TRUE: Unlike talipapa prices, wala pong tawad ang speeding violation. There is no "buffer zone" for speeding.

[The picture is, of course, not related to the aforementioned hoax e-mail. It's just a nice image, and it's from a movie featuring Ron and Mrs. Weasley. Go rent it.]

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