Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Balita Ngayong Umaga:
Roberts, Buses, Federline, Pesticides

- U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts is doing okay, according to (Doctor) President Bush. Roberts was hospitalized Monday after a seizure. Go here to read the full report.

- If they can only promise that you won't have to sit next to a crazy tranny and the even crazier bum, it will be perfect. These buses are a part of a new nonstop line from Los Angeles starting next week, serving seven cities with a handful of fares as low as $1. It will take L.A. commuters to San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Las Vegas, San Diego and Phoenix.

- Mr. Federline is not Mrs. Spears anymore.

- Good Morning America's Robin Roberts has breast cancer.

- A study finds that women who live near California farm fields that use certain pesticides may be more likely to give birth to children with autism. Go here for the complete report.

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