Monday, May 24, 2010

Ask A Kababayan:
"I'm undocumented & I got jury duty summons"

A reader who calls herself "Pinay in LA" asks: "I am an undocumented immigrant. I received a Jury Duty summon months ago that I ignored. Recently I received another notice saying that I have to call the court because I I failed to report for the jury duty. They said I will pay $1500 if I don't respond. What should I do? Can they report me to ICE?"

Dear Pinay,
Below is what Atty Jemela Nettles, a kababayan immigration lawyer in LA, said about this question. Good luck, and I hope you'll be able to get your papers in order soon. -Yong

"A person can not 'ignore' a jury duty summons. Everyone summoned is required to register by phone within 5 days of receiving the summons, even if that person cannot serve.  No. 1 question is: "I am a citizen of the United States".  In your reader's case, the answer, of course is: NO. By reason of that answer, the person summoned is not qualified to serve. I am not personally aware of anyone being reported to ICE on jury duty summons matters.  But who knows? In these turbulent immigration times, there are no iron-clad guarantees. Good luck to your reader."

About Atty Nettles:
Law Offices of JEMELA AGRAVIADOR-NETTLES  700 South Flower Street, Suite 1100  Los Angeles, CA 90017  Phn: 213/234-9591  Fax: 213/234-9589  Txt: 213/675-1281

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