Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Low-Cost Auto Insurance For Californians

With gas prices getting higher and higher, anything that could save motorists hard-earned money is a great thing.

If you live in California, here's a way to get low-cost auto insurance.

California's Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program provides liability insurance coverage (if you're a new U.S. driver, click this to get info on why you need liability insurance) to qualified applicants for less than $400 a year, depending on which county you live. Halimbawa, if you live in L.A. County, the rate is $350, but if you live in Imperial County, the rate is only $208. San Diego is $265, while Riverside is $243. Here's the list of rates. NOTE: A 25% Surcharge is added to the base rate for unmarried, male drivers ages 19-24.

Do you qualify? You are if you:

1.) Meet low-income requirements (1 person = $26,000, 2 persons = $35,000, 4 persons = $53,000, 8 persons = $89,000)

2.) Meet the good driver standard (no more than one at-fault property damage only accident or more than one point for moving violation in the past three years)

3.) Have not had an at fault accident involving bodily injury or death in the past 3 years.

4.) Are at least 19 years old

5.) Have been continuously licensed to drive for the past three years

6.) Have a vehicle valued at less than the $20,000

How do you sign up?
Go to their website and/or call the CLCA hotline at: 1-866-602-8861.

[picture: CLCA website]

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